Red Wiggler Worm Cocoon Eggs for sale is now selling Cocoons. We would like to explain the process of how we separate the cocoons…which can be tedious. We currently have them listed on our website (100 Count). We ALWAYS make sure there is more than 100 in the package. We HAND COUNT all the cocoons to 100, then we add vermicompost into the package that has more cocoons.

1. We raise our Red Wigglers in Plastic Bins and 4 gallon buckets. We usually have several lbs of Red Wigglers in each bin.

2. We dump the bin out onto plastic tables and spread out the contents. We hand pick out the cocoons we see right away, which is usually 50-70.

3. We separate the worms into small plastic bowls. The worms don’t like light, so they all push their way downward and together. When they do this, they push out all the soil and cocoons. This may take 20-30 minutes and we have to watch it the entire time to make sure the worms don’t try to escape the bowls.

4. We sift off the cocoons from the top of the worms, where we count them as we add them to our “cocoon” bowl. Once again, we hand count the cocoons to make sure we have over 100 in the bowl we are going to mail out.

5. Lastly, we put the cocoons in a 5″ X 8″ cotton bag with a drawstring, then add the castings/soil/cocoons to fill up the bag. Therefore we know we are giving our customers MORE than they paid for.

Please let us know if you need any Compost Worms and/or Cocoons. Also, PLEASE SHARE our website with your gardening friends. Thank you very much.…/cocoon-eggs-red…/


Virginia, USA


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