Should you add Red Wiggler Worms to your Raised Bed Garden?

We get a lot of questions about Worm Composting at

For instance, One question is “Can or Should you add Red Wiggler worms directly to your raised bed gardens?”

This is how we are going to add Red Wigglers to our raised bed gardens. We will use Round PVC Pipes and/or Buckets. We will drill holes into the material to allow the worms to get in and out. We will bury the PVC into the garden halfway.

We will add veggie scraps and worms into the PVC/Buckets. Moisten it. Cover it. And let the worms eat the veggie scraps and spread their castings into our garden.








Here is a video of showing how to do this. Notice how the vegetables growing next to the PVC pipes are growing twice as fast as the plants NOT near the pipes.


Virginia, USA


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