Planting a garden to supplement your food needs

In WW2, the USA asked for Urbanites and Suburbanites to plant “Victory Gardens” to grow more food. Even Eleanor Roosevelt planted a garden at the White House. At first, the Department of Agriculture objected because they worried that this would throw off the National Food Suppliers.

In the process, 1/3 of the food was supplied to the populace via Victory Gardens. It didn’t affect the Food Suppliers as they were busy trying to feed our troops.

We are in a time now of high inflation and supply chain issues. NOW is the time to plant yourself a small garden.

One thing that helps a garden grow successfully is high soil quality. Red Wiggler worms can work through your soil and turn the organic material into natural fertilizer. Oh, by the way, fertilizer costs have doubled and tripled recently. Another reason to start using worms to compost and garden.

Setting up a worm compost in your garage or yard is pretty simple. You can throw your veggie scraps into the bin, and in a week or so the bin will be Jet Black (aka Black Gold) fertilizer.

Please check into starting a garden. It will help your food costs and you will eat healthier.



Virginia, USA


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