Composting helps the environment

Climate Change and Global Warming are big issues on the world stage. While you and I can’t do any major impacts, we can do our small part to help things out.
Usually, we throw our veggie and fruit scraps in the trash, and they go to the local landfill. They will rot over time and create more heat in the atmosphere. If a large percentage of people were to start a home compost bin, and turned their veggie/fruit scraps into natural fertilizer, I feel we could make some type of impact for the better on the environment. Plus, you then use the worm castings in your garden to enrich your soil for a better growing medium. This is called “Regenerative Agriculture”.
We at can supply you with healthy worms at a reasonable price. You can get started with a Subpod compost system or just a basic bucket.
Let’s pitch in to our share to enhance the environment for future generations.


Virginia, USA


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