Cocoons are IN STOCK (Red Wiggler Worms) has Cocoons in stock and ready to ship. A great way to add composting worms to your gardens and compost areas. Let these worms hatch and grow, then they will gobble down your organic matter into Natural Fertilizer. Your garden soil will be the absolute best for Spring planting. In the Summer, you will be eating fresh picked veggies right from your own garden or container plants.

When you receive the cocoons, simply add them to moistened cardboard, peat moss or aged horse manure. Keep in a warm and dark area. Cocoons will start hatching in 1-3 weeks. Add a small amount of veggie scraps for the little guys to eat and they will grow rapidly. Or you can just add them to your garden or compost pile. Add water and keep moistened. Thank you


Virginia, USA


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