Urban Worm Bag and Red Wiggler Worms

RedWigglersFarm.com Richmond, Virginia Many of our customers have bought the Urban Worm Bag for composting. They have told us that they like using Red Wiggler worms in the bag. It was easy to set up and get started with composting. The worm bag is not expensive as other composting systems on the market. We recommend […]

Compost Workshops and Classes

Composting workshops (classes) are offered through your local Extension Agency, Master Gardener Association and/or plant nursery.Many of these classes will offer a low cost compost bin when you take their class.Of course, you can order the Red Wiggler worms from RedWigglersFarm.comHere is an example of a compost workshop I found on a google search that […]

Composting helps the environment

Climate Change and Global Warming are big issues on the world stage. While you and I can’t do any major impacts, we can do our small part to help things out.Usually, we throw our veggie and fruit scraps in the trash, and they go to the local landfill. They will rot over time and create […]

A popular worm composting system: Subpod

RedWigglersFarm.com sells worms to people that just bought a worm composting system. One of the popular systems is the subpod. https://subpod.com/ The SubPod system allows for worms to go in and out of the composter. It is buried in the ground. You feed the system through a door on the top. We have found that […]

Planting a garden to supplement your food needs

In WW2, the USA asked for Urbanites and Suburbanites to plant “Victory Gardens” to grow more food. Even Eleanor Roosevelt planted a garden at the White House. At first, the Department of Agriculture objected because they worried that this would throw off the National Food Suppliers. In the process, 1/3 of the food was supplied […]

Our first harvest of radishes for the year

I picked a bucket of radishes. Pictures included. It didn’t take long for these to grow from tiny seeds to these big pulp beautiful radishes. A very easy process especially when I have worms bins that create my super potting soil. The radishes were crunchy, crisp, and a bit of a hot tang (not too […]

Start Growing Your Own Vegetables. RedWigglersFarm.com

Inflation is driving up the prices of everything…including vegetables. Now is the time to start gardening and growing your own veggies. Gas prices are soaring with no end in sight. This is causing ALL prices to go up .MANY people are taking this to heart and starting to turn their yards into gardens. You can’t […]

How many worms do I need to start my composting bin?

We use 18 gallon plastic totes, which we fill about half way with horse manure, peat moss, veggie scraps. How many worms you’ll need to start in each specific bin? Generally around 1 pound, which is roughly 800 to 1,000 worms, for most composting bins this size. Worms self-regulate their populations based on the space […]