Start Growing Your Own Vegetables.

Inflation is driving up the prices of everything…including vegetables. Now is the time to start gardening and growing your own veggies. Gas prices are soaring with no end in sight. This is causing ALL prices to go up .MANY people are taking this to heart and starting to turn their yards into gardens. You can’t […]

How many worms do I need to start my composting bin?

We use 18 gallon plastic totes, which we fill about half way with horse manure, peat moss, veggie scraps. How many worms you’ll need to start in each specific bin? Generally around 1 pound, which is roughly 800 to 1,000 worms, for most composting bins this size. Worms self-regulate their populations based on the space […]

Red Wiggler Worm Cocoon Eggs for sale is now selling Cocoons. We would like to explain the process of how we separate the cocoons…which can be tedious. We currently have them listed on our website (100 Count). We ALWAYS make sure there is more than 100 in the package. We HAND COUNT all the cocoons to 100, then we add vermicompost […]

Where to buy Red Wiggler Composting Worms is the website to order Red Wiggler Composting Worms. The company is family owned and operated. How do you receive the worms? ships the worms anywhere in the USA via Priority Mail. Where is located? Richmond, Virginia, USA Who are the main customers for worms? Home Composters, Farms, Urban Gardeners, Neighborhood Composting […]